Bible Quiz!

 1. What kind of fruit did Adam & Eve eat that they were commanded not to eat?

 2. Who made the first leather coats?

 3. How many children did Adam & Eve have?

 4. Was Cain Adam & Eve’s first child?

 5. Was Abel Adam & Eve’s second son?

 6. Was Seth Adam & Eve’s third son?

 7. Who was first? Noah, Adam, Jesus, or Abraham?

 8. How many of each kind of animal did God have Noah put on the ark?

 9. How old was Noah when the flood waters came upon the earth?

10. True or false: Noah and his family were in the ark 40 days and 40 nights.

11. How long were Noah and his family in the ark?

12. Who was Israel?

13. What was significant about the birth of Jacob and Esau.

Exodus & the prophets

14. Where is Mt Sinai?

15. Where was Moses buried?

16. How many times did Joshua’s men march around the city of Jericho before the walls fell?

17. Who got killed for insulting a prophet?

18. What test did God tell Gideon to use to select his army?

19. How many men did Gideon start with?

20. After God’s tests, how many remained?

21. What was Elijah’s last name/title?

22. Measured in terms of how long it took to walk across it, how large was Nineveh in Jonah’s day?

23. What did David have of Saul’s that made Saul declare that David was more righteous than he was?

24. What prophet spoke after he was dead?

25. We all know Dr. Dolittle is a fantasy story, but did any animal ever speak?

Birth of Jesus

26. Was Jesus born on Christmas day?

27. True or False: Jesus was Born in a manger.

28. When the heavenly host appeared to the shepherds, what did they sing?

29. How many wise men were there?

30. Did the wise men follow the star from the east?

31. Did the Magi arrive on the night Jesus was born?

32. Did the Magi find Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger?

33. Who found Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger?

34. Where did the Magi find the child?

35. Was the house in Bethlehem?

Life of Jesus

36. What was Jesus’ first miracle and where was it performed?

37. True or False: Jesus called his followers Christians.

38. True or False: The thief on the cross became a Christian before he died.

New Testament

39. True or False: The Bible says money is the root of evil.

40. True or False: The Bible tells us not to judge others.

41. Name the books of the Bible that tell of people becoming Christians?

42. True or False: The Bible says God is Omniscient and Omnipresent.

43. Who is Lord of this world?