Science is a Game


(Gleaned from Games Some People play by Henry Morris, Creation, 23(4) Sep-Nov 2001,p.35)


“Richard Dickerson, an authority in chemical evolution says, ‘Science, fundamentally, is a game.  It is a game with one overriding and defining rule.  Rule No. 1: Let us see how far and to what extent we can explain the behavior of the physical and material universe in terms of purely physical and material causes, without invoking the supernatural.’”1


“Thus, evolutionary 'science' is not necessarily a search for truth, as we used to be told, but a game in which they try to find naturalistic causes, even for the origin of the universe and all in it.”


“Dr. Richard Lewontin of Harvard has …suggested this second rule…, ‘Scientists, like others, sometimes tell deliberate lies, because they believe that small lies can serve big truths.’”2


“Even though [evolutionary] scientists never cite any real scientific evidence for evolution [because there isn't any], [they] insist there is such evidence, because any alternative is outlawed by the rules.


“A third rule of this game …seems to be to insist that all scientists, by definition are evolutionists.  Even though thousands of creationists with post graduate degrees are pursuing careers in science, …[they are being] denied status as scientists by the evolutionary establishment.  The game plan is that, no matter what scientific credentials they have, scientists cannot be creationists without forfeiting their status as scientists.”


“In fact, many think it would be better not to let creationists become scientists at all.”  A biology professor in charge of the doctoral program at Virginia Tech will not allow a doctorate to be granted to a creationist, no matter how outstanding his grades, dissertation, or even his knowledge of evolutionary theory. 


One Iowa professor said, “…creationism should be discriminated against.  …No advocate of such propaganda should be trusted to teach science classes or administer science programs anywhere or under any circumstances.  Moreover, if any are now doing so they should be dismissed.”3


“Another Iowa professor said any professor (lecturer) should have the right to 'fail any student in his class, no matter what the grade record indicates,' if that professor discovers the student is a creationist.”4   Furthermore, the student’s department should have the right of 'retracting grades and possibly degrees' if the student becomes a creationist later.”4



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