Allow a program such as SearchEverything to start at logon without a UAC prompt

Stephen M Golden

Copyright © 9 June 2017



Windows 10

1.                Right click the Windows button, select Computer Management > Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library

2.                If a Whitelist folder does not exist, right click on "Task Scheduler Library" and select New Folder.  If one exists, go to step 4

3.                Name it Whitelist (or any name you prefer)

4.                Select the Whitelist folder, then Right-click on Whitelist

5.                Select "Create Task"

6.                Give the task a meaningful name such as WhitelistEverythingUAC

7.                Select "Run with Highest Privileges"

8.                Select the "Triggers" tab

9.                Begin the task "At log on"

10.           Select "Any user" or "Specific user" as appropriate

11.           Make sure "Enabled" (at the bottom-left) is selected

12.           Click OK

13.           Select the "Actions" tab

14.           Select "New…" (it will default to "Start a program")

15.           In the "Program/script" field, enter %comspec%  

16.           In the "Add arguments" field, put
/c start "everything" "C:\Program Files\Everything\Everything.exe" /minimized
(If that is the location of the program)
This will start the program minimized.

17.           In the "Start in" field, put C:\Program Files\Everything\ (If that is the location of the program)

18.           Click OK

At the next logon, the program should start and run without triggering a UAC prompt.