Canaanite Altars and The Federal Reserve

Rob Skiba with Tim Bence

Stephen M Golden

Copyright © 9 June 2014



Canaanite Altars and The Federal Reserve. 1

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Part I 2

Canaanites. 2

Destruction of an Altar in the Middle East 6

Destruction of an Altar in the Black Forest of Germany. 11

Destruction of an Altar on Jekyll Island. 14

The Timucua Indians. 18

Debt is Slavery. 26

Secret meeting. 29

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God is judging our monetary system. 34

How did the Israelites become slaves?. 35

Bank Bail-out 36

Erase the Debt 40

Spiritual Warfare. 44

Gatekeeping. 48

God’s plan goes back to simplicity. 58



This is not a transcript of the You Tube video, although much of it is taken word-for-word.  The primary purpose of this document is to present the information from the video to those who for whatever reason cannot watch it.


Part I


Canaanite offspring built stuff all across the globe.

Deuteronomy 7:1-11

[7:1] When the LORD thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out many nations before thee, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou; [2] And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them: [3] Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son. [4] For they will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods: so will the anger of the LORD be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly. [5] But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire.

[6] For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth. [7] The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people: [8] But because the LORD loved you, and because he would keep the oath which he had sworn unto your fathers, hath the LORD brought you out with a mighty hand, and redeemed you out of the house of bondmen, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt. [9] Know therefore that the LORD thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations; [10] And repayeth them that hate him to their face, to destroy them: he will not be slack to him that hateth him, he will repay him to his face. [11] Thou shalt therefore keep the commandments, and the statutes, and the judgments, which I command thee this day, to do them.


At an archaeological dig in the middle east, they found a “city” estimated to be about 4000-5000 years old.  They uncovered an ancient altar: quite large, solid stone, granite, 18 feet in diameter and 8-9 feet thick.  They had identified it as a Canaanite altar. 


Soon after they uncovered it many strange things started happening in the region.  There was an increase in illnesses, terrorist activity, illegal trafficking, police on alert, etc.  This all seemed unrelated.  However, Tim indicated to local ministers and others that there might be a spiritual correlation.  The altar they uncovered might be releasing something that was affecting all these other areas. 


The problem with finding antiquities is that we want to put them into museums and show them off.  We want to value them.  The problem with doing that with an altar such as this is its spiritual significance.  It was an altar of blood sacrifice.  On this altar, (as on many altars found over the years) a socket in the stone would allow a ceremonial piece to fit on top of—probably made out of wood.  There was an inscription showing a display of it, so they knew it was a blood-sacrifice type altar.


God told the Israelites to break the monuments and altars of the Canaanites.  It’s not something to put on display or to value as an antiquity.


It was a blood sacrifice altar.  It was not to be put on display.


“[The altar itself] is warring with the nature of God.  And it’s a ‘land issue.’  You are allowing the land it is on to have access and free reign,” Mr. Bence said to them.


“If this is a Canaanite altar as you’ve identified it, you are releasing the demonic realm, you are then in agreement with it, and you forfeit your land to it,” Mr. Bence told them. 


Is it possible in our day, that there are territorial issues if we do not destroy altars that are associated with Demons?




Destruction of an Altar in the Middle East

Eliahou [son of a friend of Mr. Bence] – is a little boy who is like a little prophet.  He prays intensely.  He was with them at the archeological site.  The authorities wouldn’t let Eliahou down into the dig area.  He and his mother stayed on an observation area, about 40 feet away.  Mr. Bence and Eliahou’s father, David, went down into the dig site and started to pray.  While they were praying, a cloud formed above them and began to swirl around like a tornado type cloud.  At that time, Eliahou went into warfare mode.  He’s praying and shouting and swiping his toy sword in the air at the cloud.  Mr. Bence prayed, “Lord, tell him how to fight.”  God doesn’t mind using his children. The boy was intent on obeying God.  The cloud became more intense.  At one point, it was like a demonic face appeared and roared at everyone there.  It unsettled everyone there and convinced them that they had a spiritual problem.  Mr. Bence asks God, “How do we break this altar?”  God told him to go down to the side of it and gently kick it and speak God’s name and said, “Now watch.”  About that moment, Eliahou lay down his sword and worshipped God with “Hallelujah.”  He picked up a pebble the size of a quarter and says the name of Jesus as he throws it at the altar.  The pebble hits smack dab in the middle of the altar. Everyone hears what sounds like the cracking of a large tree in the heavens.  Nothing visible was seen.  The cloud dissipated almost instantly.  Whatever needed to be broken was broken, even though the altar seemed to be perfectly intact.  A few days later, Mr. Bence got a call and was told that the altar was crumbling and falling apart.  “You might also want to consider what else might be on display in your country,” Mr. Bence advised them.


This is a strategic problem for each nation.  If you do not obey God’s ways, you have a strategic problem.  You don’t want to value what God hates and put it in a museum, or in our parks, or on our money [currency].


Something happened when Ham went into Noah when Noah was drunk to make Noah curse Ham’s son, Canaan.  We don’t know what happened, but it was severe enough to curse Ham’s son.


It sounds severe when people read about God’s judgment on all these “–ite” nations.  It was about cleaning up the bloodline of the Nephilim.


These altars actually release “DNA” into the area around them.


DNA is an information packet.  Corrupt DNA is corrupt information that must be dealt with.


You don’t see anyone neutral.  Covenant: We are designed to be covenant people.  If we do not make a covenant with God, we will make a covenant with something else.


It’s not always religious, but it is something you give yourself to.  If you don’t follow God’s instructions, you end up breaking your covenant with God.


Don’t break covenants with God.  Don’t enter covenants with evil.


Where there is evil going on in the world, there is almost always something in the history that is related to idolatry.  We don’t like to think of it in those terms today, but it is.  Every generation has the choice to either break the idolatry or to “renew its lease.” 


How did these things get all around the world?  God said to Mr. Bence, “The Canaanites were driven mostly out of the land of Israel.  Most of them went north, others went across the Mediterranean and inhabited Greece, Europe, and even across the Atlantic into the Americas.”


The Roman army fought against 20,000 giants in the land of Germany.


They have found 12 altars in Germany and have dealt with three of them so far – they have destroyed them.  “When they do, for up to 300 km things get better almost immediately; crime rate goes down, people desire to learn about God,” etc.


The Seat of Satan, mentioned in Revelation 2, was the Altar of Zeus in Pergamum.  This was relocated to Berlin just prior to WWI and was moved again to a different location in Berlin just prior to WWII.  Obama had a replica of it made for his acceptance speech in Denver, CO.



Jesus refers to the Altar of Zeus as the seat of Satan (Rob believes Zeus was and is a Nephil [Singular of Nephilim]).  Mr. Bence also believes this has implications for Germany.  It needs to be dealt with, but it’s an import.  Germany has other altars that were built and established by the giants while they were alive.  They have been in Germany for generations.  There are oddities to the ones they’ve found.  The first one, has a castle built on top of it.  If you did not know it was there, you would not know it existed.  You could visit the castle and still not know the altar was in the basement.  The caste was built in the 1100s.  The altar is called “The Altar of the Black Sun.”  It was the initiation place for most of the Nazi SS officers.   That was something ancient, but it brought defilement into a time period that was quite modern. 


Destruction of an Altar in the Black Forest of Germany

There was a rumor of an altar in the Black Forest that had been active for hundreds of years, but not in the last hundred years.  No one alive knew where it was.  Mr. Bence had a dream of three numbers.  He got a call from some who had been looking for it.  He mentioned the numbers to them.  They were GPS coordinates that took them straight to it.  They had only been 3 miles from the altar in the Black Forest. 


God wants this stuff dealt with because He is trying to set the Nations free, but we must start dealing with things the way the Scripture says.


They waited until Mr. Bence got there (in a couple weeks).  In the meantime, a group of witches got wind that the altar had been found.   They announced that they were going to go there and release these ancient gods of the Germanic peoples.  They announced in Berlin. 


Spiritual warfare is not something you just run into and do on your own.  Wait on God.  God told Mr. Bence, “I’m orchestrating this.  Watch and pray, and when I tell you to, go break the altar.”  It was in play.  The demonic realms are trying to counter what the sons of God are doing. 


They communicated with these ladies and sent them an e-mail telling them that they had prayed, and they were not welcome to release these gods. 


They responded that they were coming in peace.  They told them, “We’re not saying, ‘Please don’t come.’ We’re saying, ‘In the name of Jesus, NO!’” 


They then went to the altar and broke it with sledgehammers.  They asked God to secure the territory to shut the door to the spiritual realm. 


The next report was that the witches sent a representative to find the altar and curse all those who were involved in destroying it. 


The lady who was sent nearly fell down dead when she got there.  The local ministers prayed for her, asked God to heal her, and told her, “You’re trying to do something God is not going to allow and if you try to do it again, it really may cost you your life.  God is not playing games with you.”  She repented of trying to do it again.  The witch group went to London.


Christians have pretty much been asleep regarding this through the centuries.  We drive right past these locations; we don’t know our own history about our lives and generations or countries. 


Destruction of an Altar on Jekyll Island

On returning from this trip, Mr. Bence had been gone for three months, and he wanted to just make a b-line home, but God said to him, “I know you want to go home; I know you miss your family in Oklahoma, but I need you to do this for me.  Timing is important.  Go down to Jekyll Island, Georgia.”


Mr. Bence was led by God to go to Jekyll Island.

When you get there, I will explain what you need to do.  Go and tarry for a day or two and I will tell you what you need to do. 


Jekyll Island is where the Federal Reserve banking system was conceived.


The Jekyll Island Club was a historical resort for multi-millionaires built around the turn of the century.  It had just been remodeled and reopened. 


God told him to book a room there.  He did and got in a car and headed that way. 


I wondered, “What’s so important about Jekyll Island that I have to go there now?”  When he got to the Hotel about 9:00 at night—


Whenever God is doing something “territorially,” He almost always has someone on site who is going to open the door to Him.  Mr. Bence calls them “gatekeepers.”  In Chronicles, David anointed 4000 gatekeepers.  We need to understand that anointing a little better.

[1 Chronicles 23:5

[5] Moreover four thousand were porters; and four thousand praised the LORD with the instruments which I made, said David, to praise therewith





I walked into the Hotel and the lady behind the desk asked, “Are you Mr. Bence?”

“Do you look at all the names?

“I assigned you your room last night, so I was looking for you.”

“I’m a spiritual man and I believe God has a reason for me to be here.  Do you know anything about why I am here?”


“I did hear something really strange when I booked your reservation.”


“I heard a voice inside me say, ‘He’s an ambassador, I’m sending him; give him the Presidential suite.’”


“I heard that you needed to be here two nights, not one, so I booked you for another night, but am only charging you for one night.  I also heard that I need to introduce you to the gentleman who is in charge of the museum on the island and a few others who work at the hotel who have lived here most of their lives.”


When the Lord speaks to us, it’s critical that we hear and obey.


Next morning he got a note that an appointment was arranged with the museum director who was blocking out most of the day for Mr. Bence.


The lady at the desk said, “No one has stayed in that room since 1948.  The last person to stay there was the actual President.”


Why did God give him the Presidential suite?


Mr. Bence meets with the Museum President, who was not a very spiritual guy, and told him right off the bat, “There’s something you know that I need to know.  The King of Kings set this appointment up.  I’ll pray for whatever it is God wants….”


At the turn of the century, this island was often the highest conglomeration of wealth in the world.


Some of the richest people in the world built the “cottages” and stayed there.


The cottages all had Indian names.


These were not extravagant; they were low-key cottages and very modest.


The Timucua Indians

The Jekyll Island club was built on top of where the Indian tribe’s village had been.  Everything there today is built over something significant in the Indian village.


The Museum President shows him fragment of a weapon: a double-curved bow similar to those found in the middle east.  This is very not typical of Native American Indian bows.


“We’ve found a lot of weapons and artifacts that are not typical of American Indian tribes.”


“Well how do you know these were Native Americans.  Maybe they were from somewhere else.” 


“No, they were well established all along the coast.”


When they re-established the Island as an archaeological site, they put Plexiglas floors over each of the areas where things were found.


Skeletons were excavated.  Timucua Chiefs were very tall; from 8 to 8.5’.  All the Timukas, both men and women, were unusually tall.



French colonists (the Huguenots) first arrived at Jekyll Island and saw things so appalling and startling that they left and established their colony at St. Augustine.


There was a painting made of what they saw.  In the painting, the Timucuans had an altar.  No other Native Americans used altars.  It looked very similar to the one in Germany and the middle east.


In the painting, they were hacking up babies – whacking their heads off and letting the blood drain on the altar.  There are no Native American tribes that do this behavior, but there are ancient people who did this in the Middle East.  And they have weapons like these in the Middle East.  “Are you sure this is Native American and not some kind of colony that came from the Middle East?”


“Can I see this altar?” 

“Well, no, it has a house on top of it.”  The altar still existed but President John D. Rockefeller and family built a house (cottage) over it.


The altar was below the parlor.  Mr. Bence couldn’t see the altar, but he sat in the parlor and prayed. 


This was the exact spot where the Federal Reserve plan and legislation was drawn up. 


This was something diabolical and occultist that happened here.  Demonic power and diabolic planning went into the establishment of our banking system.  They created a banking system that we’re all subject to.  All of your money [currency] goes through this system.  Our money [currency] is idolatrous.  We’re circulating a Talisman (the dollar bill) that has evil attached to it from its conception.


Our money [currency] is idolatrous.  What if our God hates our money [currency]?


We, as Christians should be bringing wisdom and righteousness into the world, but we are coerced to do business with idolatry.  Mr. Bence believes its possible this is why so many Christians are not prosperous.  We’re forced to work in a system of evil money [currency].  We’re subject to it against our will. It’s a stench in God’s eyes when we bring our money [currency] to Him!



There is defilement in the land.  It leads to defilement in our hearts.


Why did Yeshua need to overturn the money [currency] changer’s tables?

The Rabbis said it was because the money [currency] itself was idolatrous!

When David had coins to be minted, it had a Menorah on it.  In the time of Herod, it was changed to the face of BAAL!

How easy it was for Israel to become subject to idolatry.

It’s easy for us as well.


“Den of thieves”  That phrase means you’re robbing men of their souls!

Jesus was telling the Israelites to not bring this money [currency] into the temple!

It is Idolatrous into the living God!


We’re being robbed in our souls in the United States!  Our money [currency] is Idolatrous.  It’s a blood oath and a covenant with something evil.


You can’t be free spiritually as a citizen of the United States because of the National Debt.

In 2008. 

 $300,000.00 for every person in the country before the year is out.

God said He is going to bring about a great change: a judgment on this system that is enslaving the people.

But things will get worse before they get better


Mr. Bence broke the altar at God’s request.


God told him, “Pray until you can see my face, and you can see the altar in the spiritual realm.”


God said, “In my name” and God kicked the altar, and Mr. Bence kicked it. (In the spiritual realm)

There was a crack sound in the heavens. The museum guy jumped out of his chair.  What did you do?  I didn’t do anything!  What was that?  The demonic power that was dealing with this altar is broken.

What does that mean?

I don’t know, but I know there is going to be a great change with everything that relates to this altar.


Within five days, in 2008, the Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, and the other financial issues happened.


We were told there was about a $700 billion bailout, but within a year goes from that amount to 2.5 trillion?

How do you go to 2.5 trillion when you only owe 700 billion?

It’s not just the 700 B, but the floodgate of printing money [currency] to stop the bank bleeding because the whole system was unraveling world-wide that was standing on the power of a blood sacrifice altar.


We need to engage in spiritual warfare.  We need to step up to a new level, but we must ask God how to do it.  We need to be wise and walk in God’s ways. 


God, how do you want to change these things on a national scale?


Debt is Slavery

We voted for slavery for our grandchildren so we could keep our houses today.

We need to repent of idolatry in our own homes and our own financial situation.

The authority to deal with this type of stuff comes from laying your life down and living righteously.


We’ve got to unravel things on a world-wide scale.

“Lord, how bad is it going to get?”

“I’m not judging your nation yet, although it is being tested.  I’m only judging the bankers right now.  But if my people do not respond correctly and do not watch and pray, this judgment will increase and come upon the whole land.”


Get out of debt, help others get out of debt, think differently on how we do normal things.


We have money [currency] that has no value.  Every nation is operating with fiat currency.  God does not like this because it is dependent on debt.


The Federal Reserve took the Constitutional right from the country. They print the money [currency] and lend it back to the US.

Where was the voice of the righteous when this happened?


It forces us to have debt in order to have an economy.  Every financial transaction or sale creates debt.

[Proverbs 22:7b “…the borrower is the slave of the lender.”]



Part II

Regarding the Federal Reserve: Clip:

G. Edward Griffin: The Creature from Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is a real island off the coast of Georgia.

Secret meeting

These eight men, Warburg, House, Wilson, Aldrich, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Schiff, and Rockefeller were among those who met in secret in Jekyll Island.


Why the secrecy? There are things to hide.


In 1910, Jekyll Island was privately owned by millionaires from New York. These families would spend their winters there.  It was a resort club with an elaborate club house.


For the meeting in November 1910, Senator Nelson Aldridge sent his private railroad car to the New Jersey station.  He and six other men came to it under great secrecy.  They were to behave as if they did not know each other.  They knew if word leaked out, the whole purpose of the meeting would be destroyed.


The car went to Brunswick, Georgia.  From there, they met at Jekyll Island.  In the next 9 days, they hammered out the details of what became the Federal Reserve System.


After the meeting, they all denied that the meeting took place.

They only acknowledged it after the Federal Reserve System had been put in place.


Republican Senator Nelson Aldridge:  Chairman of National Monetary Commission claimed it was to reform the banking system.


There was the belief among the American people that the banking system needed to be reformed because of the concentration of financial power that was in the hands of a small group of very powerful and large Wall Street banks called “The Money Trust.”  His campaign promised “To break the grip of the Money Trust.”


Aldridge was a business associate of J. P. Morgan and the Father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who became the grandfather of Nelson Aldridge Rockefeller.


Abraham Ambrose, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, later became a congressman, and later became very prominent in banking circles.


Frank Vanderlip, President of the National City Bank of New York, the largest and most powerful of the banks in the country


Henry Davisson, Senior partner of JP Morgan


Charles Norton – President of the First National Bank of New York


Benjamin Strong – head of JP Morgan’s Banker’s Trust Company and became the first head of the Federal Reserve


Paul Warburg: knowledgeable of banking in Europe: Rothchild banking, and partner of Kuhn-Logan Company and a representative of the Rothchild banking dynasty in England and France.  He remained in close contact with his brother, Max Warburg, of Germany and Netherlands.  He was one of the wealthiest men in the world.


They represented ¼ of the wealth of the entire world.


They created the Federal Reserve System.



The Federal Reserve System does not need to be audited.  It needs to be abolished.

1.   Incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives

2.   It is a cartel operating against the public interest

3.   It is the supreme instrument of usury

4.   It generates our most unfair tax

5.   It encourages war

6.   It destabilizes the economy

7.   It is an instrument of totalitarianism


Bence: “It was conceived over an ancient altar where babies were sacrificed.”

It has a strong connection with Nephilim.




Part II

God is judging our monetary system.

We use money [currency]!  What’s going to happen to us?


There have been times in history when similar things occurred.


In the past: Egypt became wealthy from the Wisdom of God through Joseph.


However, the system that was set up during the years of famine ended up enslaving the world.


God’s people had the best land and the best position in the world.


“And another pharaoh arose who knew not Joseph.” (Exodus 1:8)


That says, “something is about to change drastically.”


It became enslavement for the rest of the world.


How did the Israelites become slaves?

Did it happen overnight? Probably not. 

Slavery has to first be something you accept.  It’s often a result of judgment.

They may have violated God’s rules of usury and enslavement of others.

They probably got into debt also.  They probably thought they could prosper.  They made investments and borrowed to make them.

And another pharaoh arose who knew not Joseph and suddenly they don’t have the favor they had before, and the debts were called in and they couldn’t pay them.


You can’t continue to build an economy on borrowed money [currency].


You can’t borrow money [currency] at a lower interest rate and lend it at a higher interest rate to make a profit.  It catches up to you, especially if something changes in the economy.


We have followed the same course as Israel in Egypt.

We don’t condemn being in financial debt as being in slavery. But God does.


[Proverbs 22:7b “…the borrower is the slave of the lender.”]


Being in debt is just as evil as iron shackles on our feet!

We’re out of sync with God when we take on debt.



Bank Bail-out

The Bank Bail-out was the equivalent of what Pharaoh did when he made the Israelites make bricks without straw.


“You’re going to have to build houses without money [currency].”


The prices of the goods to build a house have gotten so inflated by the system we’ve created.


It takes people too long to save enough money [currency] to buy a starter home.


30-year mortgage is slavery

The economy is out of sync with what needs to be done to have a sound start in life.



A lot of people don’t like to talk about God as a God of judgment.


When God judges, it doesn’t necessarily mean punishment.  It means He makes a decision.

He has decided to act in accordance with His ways.  He’s going to carry it out.


“It’s time to set my people free.”

We should have thanked God for the economic crisis and have had our representatives to not bail out the failures but asked them to find a way to fix our country, not the banks.


If you added all the mortgages in 2007, instead of the bank bail-out, with that same amount of money [currency], we could have erased every mortgage in 2007 and had a jubilee.


Now, you can’t get mortgages, you can’t get extensions, if you’re behind on your mortgage, you’re going to lose your house.


It was not a judgment on our country, it was a judgment on the slave system in our country.


It must get worse before it gets better.  God is crashing the system.  God wants us to repent and learn to how to prosper in His ways and how to help one another.


The bail-out of the lenders was the exact opposite of what God had designed: the Jubilee!  Everu 50 years, all debt is eliminated.


We tried to gain wealth by borrowing (mortgages and debt) rather than gaining wealth by producing.  We’re taking a risk against the inheritance of our children and our children’s children.


How much control do we, as Christians, have in the situation?


The biggest problem with the Federal Reserve System is that the people do not understand the Federal Reserve System and how it affects financial matters in the nation.



Take the current deficit (what they’re reporting is far less than what it really is) 2.5 trillion and divide it by the number of citizens.



If we have a deficit, who is it a deficit to? [I think he means debt.]  We owe it to the large banks. 12 banks own our debt.


Erase the Debt

Solution: Erase the debt and bankrupt the banks.  That is the only solution


It’s not just an evil system, it’s a spiritual problem.  We must have God’s help.  We must have national repentance.  We must repent of our own debt.


If you invest in banks, you’re a slaveholder.  If you prosper from this system, you’re a slaveholder.


We must come to grips with the moral issue of slavery. 


This is an evil system.


What do we do?  How do we stop this?

First, get out of debt on a personal level.  You first need to repent of getting into that debt to begin with.


What about going into debt to pay for a calamity? If you have some kind of calamity, you’re supposed to get it from our Christian brother without interest.  We’re supposed to be able to go to our Christian brothers and borrow without interest, but the Church doesn’t see it that way in our time.  The Church does not see itself as a lender without interest.  We don’t love one another enough in the body of Christ to lend without interest.



“Scripture says” Do not withhold this from your brother.  This is the reason I pour out blessings from the heavens.

[Proverbs 3:27  Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. ]


It’s not that you can’t have nice things, but if you choose having nice things by getting into debt, then your own choices are getting you into slavery.



Just because something is not illegal, doesn’t mean it isn’t morally wrong.


Being in debt is SLAVERY. 

[Proverbs 22:7b “…the borrower is the slave of the lender.”]


The church/Christians should not accept debt in any form.


Ask God for wisdom on how to deliver ourselves

Enable us to help our brothers and sisters to get out of debt

Those who have the means should help those who have debt get out of it.



If we just struggle against what’s wrong, and we don’t propose to the world God’s answer, then we’re just halfway through the problem.




The wisdom of God comes through His people.


We should be telling our congressmen God’s answer to these problems, instead of crying out to your representatives to fix the problems with carnal means.



How to pray and do warfare in this area.

Start with your own repentance.

You don’t gain authority to deal with the Kingdom of God things without first addressing the things in your own heart.

Repentance, getting right with God, learning how to think like God and act more like Him.


God’s children are God’s secret weapon in the Earth.  God wants us to be acting like Him and doing His work.


Session 3


Spiritual Warfare

How to prepare?




In Jr. High School, after praying about how to become more evangelistic at school, and by praying in a group for each child by name during the summer months, the first week of school, walking down the hall, a girl came up to him and growled at him.  Then she spoke with a masculine voice and said, “I hate your guts and we’re going to kill you!”  The Holy Spirit said to Tim, “That’s a demon.  Cast it out and get to class.  Don’t be late.”  Tim said to the girl, “You’re not my friend, you’re a demon.  The LORD says to come out of her in Jesus’ name.”  The girl began to cough and scream and ran to the bathroom and threw up.  She came out of the bathroom and was totally different.  Then they all went to class.



Don’t lose the simplicity. Trust that His power will accomplish what is necessary.

Take a stand.  Instead of ignoring a problem, confront it face to face and take a stand.  “I have to get to class, but I’m not going to let a demon have free reign in my School. Because that’s going to affect my life and the lives of my friends.” 


It’s not “me.”  Jesus is here because of me.  If Jesus is here, you have no right to be here.   



No one can take prayer out of schools.  You’re still here; you’re still praying.  Be bold.  Don’t back down on issues that need your help.  They need your help.  The world needs people who know how to fix these problems.

… [cast out another demon at school] Half the class got saved.


Pray. “The Lord, Jesus says for you to come out of Him/Her.”

The world is not seeing this because the Church is not doing it.


Sometimes when there is screaming going on in public it’s a demon.  Sometimes it’s not.

If it is, be bold.


Most often, Jesus wants to heal them first, then save them.


Don’t allow demons to come into the Church on Sunday!


Christians can indeed be possessed!

Demons can possess your mind or your body separately from your spirit.

Even you! Might have one!


Believing that Christians can’t have demons is a trick of the demons.



“Peter, Satan has desired to… sift you like wheat… but I am praying for you” Luke 22:31



Most scriptures dealing with delivering ones from demons are dealing with the righteous.

Granted, the world has these problems, too.




Whatever you let in, He allows in.  Whatever you shut out, He shuts out.

If I’m in a city, I give you the authority to open and shut the doors.

How do we do it?


The door is attached to your heart.  Whatever you allow in your heart, God will allow in your city.  God may have to deal with your heart first.


There was a place in the town where people kept getting murdered.  It wasn’t the worst spot in town, but murders kept happening in that area of town.  There was also a lot of drug activity where no one ever got caught…. 

God asked Tim, “Do you want to know how to fix this?” “There is an iniquity on the land here.” 


An iniquity is the shedding of blood with an injustice attached.  It’s like the altars where babies are sacrificed on altars.


The colonists who first came to Jekyll Island and fled to the south to establish St. Augustine and then they were slain by that tribe at some time later, should have dealt with the issue when they saw it instead of fleeing.  They did not know how to stop it, so they fled from it.  Later, they became the bloodshed instead of just witnessing.


Command my people to repent from hating their brothers in Christ.  If you hate your brothers, you are releasing the spirit of murder in your city.


There was an anger problem in the church in the hearts of leaders. If you release hatred from your heart, even if you don’t act on it and kill someone, it opens the demonic realms for hate.  They will do it without restraint.

This hatred opened the doors to the city to a spirit of murder in other places.  The hatred is released, and the world that does not know Jesus has no restraint, and it opens up the demonic spirits of hatred.


They found seven or eight people who had problems with one another, took them to the spot, and had them forgive each other.  Then they prayed and repented and asked God to forgive this same problem all over town.  The murder rate dropped and never returned to that level again at that spot in the city.


A remnant of people repenting goes a long way with God.

Seven or eight people can transform a problem in a city of a million people.


“Son, you have given me your heart with everything you understand….  But you’ve not allowed me go into the in places of your heart that you don’t know are wicked.”

“Lord, I want to be like you!”

God held him to a higher standard.

“You’ve got this issue in your heart that you don’t even know it’s in there.  It’s never come out; you’ve not been tempted in that area.  Here are scriptures, begin to pray and meditate over those scriptures and confess these things.”



We have power with God when we become like Him and when we use Scripture correctly.


This gate-keeping principle is profound.  When my people repent of their sin, that’s revival.


Abraham’s and Lot’s herdsmen began quarreling, “The grass is not green enough…”

The quarrel was over wanting the land.  Lot wanted the land that belonged to Abraham.  “I want more land…”

It caused a separation between them



When he chose the greenest area, he ended up at the gate of Sodom.


He had a boundaries issue.  He ended up with incest in his house.  Before it became a sexual problem, it was a boundaries problem. 


We want to expand our spot at the expense of our brothers and sisters.


Churches disputing in a city can result in sexual problems in the city.


Almost all sexual sins are the breaking of a boundary before it becomes a sexual problem.  It finds its way into our computers and into our hearts before we even realize it.  It warps our intentions and can manifest in other sins.  If you are a believer and you’re not dealing with that issue and you’re justifying it, then it releases that into the community and becomes something done without restraint by the rest of the world. 


Your own sin may be restrained, but it releases that sin in your city


You can sin when you’re tempted and you don’t resist it, or you can just hold it in your heart, and it catches you by surprise.  Let God deal with it before you’re tempted.


Went into the city in various areas and said, “Lord, if I didn’t know you, I’d have probably been just like these.”  “Lord give me grace and repent for the sins of the city.  Give me your heart for the people who are stuck in these sins.  Help me know how to heal them.”


“Would you really be willing to touch those areas?”

God gave him an address of a gay bar and tell them that you want to wash their feet and that you want to repent to them for the way preachers have treated them.  Don’t condone their sin but tell them that I love them and that I can heal them. But you must have my heart, and you can only do that if you wash their feet.



The prostitute is a victim of poverty or of some kind of social need before she becomes a victim of sexual sin.  Someone takes advantage of her rather than helping her out.  She offers herself to get gain.  It starts with a need that she can’t provide for herself, and someone offers to her a way to fix it the wrong way.


This is rooted in the same spot that God says you won’t lend to your brothers without interest, you won’t help the poor when they need it, you won’t help the traveler. 


Ask them how they got into prostitution.  They were stuck.  Instead of being rescued, they were taken advantage of.  My people need to rescue these people.


Every time God deals with you on each issue, you gain more authority to deal with these issues in the World.



Lord, I’m getting attacked by demons…

The Lord said to me, “If you have a demon attacking you, then you have a Father problem with me.” Scriptures on Balaam, he got a “NO.”


“I allow the demonic realms to go where there are issues with me.”  “It’s something I’m trying to show you in your heart you need to deal with.” 

“Submit to God; resist the Devil and he will flee from you.


“Ignore the attack.  Look around and find my face.  Pursue me, not the enemy.”  “When you can see my face, then you’ll hear my laughter. Then you can turn around and watch them flee from you.”


Before I start, I ask God, “Fix me.”


Then he began going into territorial branches of spiritual warfare: breaking altars etc.


“I let God order my steps and lead me.  Then I wait for His instructions for what to do.”


To the Israelites: Break their altars and drive them out.


If you will not listen to Him when he rebukes you, then you lose your land.


You will be displaced by your enemies and your boundaries will be violated.


“God gave us this land! God gave us this land! God gave us this land!”


Do you want the land without Him?


God gave you Himself!  Don’t value the land without valuing Him! 


No covenant with God; no right to the land.


They gave away the tribe of Judah.


They have given away boundaries that were positioned where some of these ancient altars were of the Nephilim.



What was Judah’s problem? He violated some of the covenant rules.


When we try to justify something to God, we don’t get away with it.


Why did that happen?


God says, “My plan is going to work out.  Before I secure their boundaries, they have to secure themselves with me.”


The Lord showed Mr. Bence a map with the world organized by way of peoples, tribes, and tongues.


The Palestinians are fighting for something that does not belong to them.  God says, “I have a land laid out for them.”


America has broken covenant with God.  We can’t just vote someone else in and change it.  The heart of America must change its attitude toward God.



God’s plan goes back to simplicity


My Family

Body of Christ




Ask God to shine His light on your heart.


Ask God to show any wicked way in you.


Renew the covenant with Him.  Acknowledge Him as your king: the one who has preeminence in your life. 


Come back into one accord with your family.


Ask Him to give you a heart for your city.


Your city will get better or worse, depending on how you pray.


Love, love, love, and love until you can’t love anymore.


Love someone in your city who is unlovable.


When you become more like Him toward one person, the grace applies to your whole community.


Then pray for the nation.



When a righteous man will not give his own relative $700 without interest, do we have a right to ask God to bring down the Federal Reserve?


We have to have God’s heart towards our relatives, then to our Christian brethren, then the World will see God’s love in us.


Going out and preaching the Gospel is NOT more important than freeing your Christian brothers from slavery [of debt].


Building God’s kingdom is related to EVERY area of society.


Don’t put limits on what God has created us for.


Don’t get under condemnation!  The Blood of Jesus has conquered everything we have done or will do.  You have a relationship with the King of Kings!


The weakest Christian has more power with God in one finger than the most powerful people on earth have without Him.


Stand up and be like Jesus!



If just a handful of people in each city would pray the way Jesus is praying, he’ll give us the cities!



• Ask God to show you your own heart

• Be a leader of your family

• Get close enough to Jesus so you can hear what He is praying

Don’t impose your prayers on Him

“I don’t get all my prayers answered, but Jesus gets all His prayers answered.”


[That makes no sense to me.  If it’s true that "Jesus gets all his prayers answered", then… why do I have to pray what He’s praying?  It’s already going to get answered, right?  Also, Jesus didn't get his prayer answered in the Garden of Gethsemane.]