Genesis 6 Nephilim and the minimum information you need to know


This is a summary of what every Christian needs to know about the events of Genesis 6, fallen angels, and beings called Nephilim.


When Moses wrote Genesis, he was writing to people who knew the Hebrew historical texts such that when he wrote what he did in Genesis chapter 6, the first generation readers understood very well what was meant.  These ancient historical texts go into great detail about the events of those days, while Genesis just gives them a stern mention and a "nod."  In our day, Satan and the fallen angels have done a very good job eradicating those texts from the Christian lexicon of books such that we are left with a very minimal resource for comprehending who they are and the events that have been in the works ever since the flood.  This summary is an effort to provide the most cursory view of the events —without evidence— in order to expose the Christian to the truth so that he may either accept it on faith, or proceed from there to verify the things brought to light.  If I were to add evidence, the size of this cursory view would increase by at least two orders of magnitude, and most Christians today are too busy or disinterested to digest such a large quantity of information.


Brief summary

Angels cast out of heaven

200 of them mated with humans

Offspring are Nephilim

Nephilim died

Disembodied Nephilim spirits don’t go to God, but remain on earth

Other fallen angels remain on earth as well

Disembodied Nephilim spirits want to be in their own bodies

They manipulate animals and humans to make bodies for themselves

By doing this, they corrupt all flesh

God sends the flood

God changes humans so angels can no longer mate with them

Corrupted (Nephilim) DNA comes through the flood through Noah's son's wives

A second wave of Nephilim arises

They are run out of Canaan.  Many fled and survived.  They went to distant regions of the earth

Giant remains found in many regions of the world

They have been manipulating the "progress" of civilization for over 2000 years

They have been making bodies to inhabit with varying degrees of success

Today, we know these bodies as "aliens"

The newest generation of their inhabitable bodies is visually indistinguishable from humans

Soon, they will present themselves as our benevolent benefactors: having "seeded" us in the beginning and guiding our "evolution" over the ages, they are now ready to take us to the next step.



Summary with slightly more detail

At some point before Genesis chapter six, one third of the angels "fell" (were cast out) from heaven.

At Genesis 6, about 500 years from creation, 200 of these angels (called the Watchers) mated with women and produced offspring — most of them were giants — up to 450 feet tall — the true TITANS! 

All of them, whether giants or not, can be referred to as Nephilim — fallen ones, or "of the fall."

God was angry, but this was not what caused Him to send the flood.  At this time, God caused the Watchers to have to see all of their offspring die.  God set their lifetimes to be no more than 500 years.  There were many great battles between them, and for the most part, they killed each other off.  Then God cast the Watchers into Tartarus.

This involved only 200 of the angels who fell, so unless we are to believe God only had 600 angels, there are potentially many more fallen angels on earth than these 200.  They are still around.

Back to the Nephilim:  Since these creatures were not God's creation, the spirits that were created when the Watchers mated with women had no place to go when their bodies died.  This is the source of demons and evil spirits—disembodied Nephilim.

Through the ages, these disembodied Nephilim have done their work by possessing various humans in attempts to create bodies for them to inhabit.  Before the flood, using fallen angel knowledge, they mixed seed of many types of animals with humans and created an enormous number of hybrids for them to inhabit.  This mixing of seed was so extensive God said all flesh had become corrupted and made a plan to destroy the earth by a flood.

God caused a physical change in humans that made it impossible for angels to ever mate with humans again.  Nevertheless, the fallen angels and the Nephilim spirits remain on the earth.  They have no place else to go.

Nephilim DNA came through the flood via Noah's son's wives.  This DNA manifested itself early after the flood as giants.  Nimrod had Nephilim DNA who “became” a giant.  He was the most significant one who led a rebellion against God.  The Tower of Babel was his brainchild, and its goal was to "reach into heaven."  However, the "reaching" was not in height, but intended for interdimensional access.  The Tower of Babel was an interdimensional portal.  God himself said if they succeed at this, nothing will be impossible for them. 

It is likely that creatures with Nephilim DNA are not alive today, however, every creature that was generated with Nephilim DNA is a spirit trapped on this earth and rejected by God.

After the flood, and up to recent times, the disembodied Nephilim spirits have continued their attempts to generate bodies for themselves and have gotten quite good at it.  These creatures are called "aliens.”  There are as many as nine known types of "alien" body types.  There are recent collaborating reports from abductees that indicate their newest generation of inhabitable bodies is visually indistinguishable from humans.

The fallen angels and some Nephilim travel through interdimensional portals from here to "the second heaven," and then back to our dimension to a different location almost instantaneously.  Their machines do this also.  We call them UFO's.   

Many "Satanic rituals" over the years have been involved in opening such portals, extending the duration of the portals, and extending the function of such portals.  Blood sacrifice has a spiritual power to affect these manifestations.

The Nephilim, and the remaining fallen angels, have been involved in human activities since the flood, and are the guiding minds behind organizations such as the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, Freemasons, Luciferians, and world banking systems, including the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve system was designed and implemented literally over an altar of blood sacrifice on Jekyll Island, GA in 1913.

The world monetary system is an evil system based on debt.  God hates debt.  The goal is to enslave all humans.  God says, "The borrower is the slave of the lender."  (Proverbs 22:7)

Nephilim giants have existed both before and after the flood.

The Canaanite tribes that existed when Joshua entered Canaan were each different types of Nephilim.  Many of these fled the region in a great Diaspora when the Israelites began the eradication.  They fled into Europe and into the Americas.

Many giant skeletons with surprising and unusual characteristics have been found over the years, but at the current time all governments and authorities have done their best to sterilize and remove all such evidence.  Evidence of giants in the past destroys the theory of Evolution.  Many of these Nephilim giants are the ones who built the “Indian burial mounds” in almost every US state.  They are not Indian mounds.  Of those that have been excavated, evidence of giants is unearthed.  Now, excavation of such mounds is illegal.

The fallen angels and the Nephilim (those who are called "aliens" today) need humans to have a strong belief in Evolution in order to make their back-story plausible upon their appearance in the near future.

Nephilim architecture: Pyramids, Baalbak, Sacsayhuaman, Nazca, Hayu, etc. are structures we can't make today.

"Aliens" are working with (or controlling) all major world leaders and governments today.  They even have research facilities adjoining human research facilities in many highly restricted locations around the world.

Soon, they will present themselves as being our benefactors: having "seeded" us in the beginning and guiding our "evolution" over the ages, they are now ready to take us to the next step.

They will propose a technological renovation of our bodies which will give us "eternal life" through changing our DNA.  We just have to allow them to implant a chip.  Or more recently, they are attempting to implant Parasitic AI Electronically-Charged Synthetic-Lipid Nanoparticle biotechnology into us that will change our DNA.  Self-assembling in vivo biotechnology.  They call it a “vaccine.”  Those who don't die from the vaccine get more of the tech "infrastructure" installed with each injection.