Supra-Intellectual Faith

The “Supra-Intellectual Faith” presentation is a broad overview of the Creation/Evolution issue, touching on various areas of scientific inquiry, revealing that Science agrees with the Bible. “...[A]ccepting the Bible as God’s Word frees [you] from the vagaries of human opinion, lifting [you] far above the limits of time, space, and culture and giving [you] a rock-solid foundation and eternal perspective.” —Henry Morris III, After Eden, p.192

Supra-Intellectual Faith -Part 1

Supra-Intellectual Faith -Part 2

Supra-Intellectual Faith -Part 3

This is a presentation compiled from some of my various research efforts. I have distilled and formatted what may have been hours of information into a simpler more compact format for you to digest. You may wish to investigate further if you have time.

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