Introductory Note

These are my theological articles, notes, and thoughts. Much of what I believe is documented in these articles. I plan to add to them on an ongoing basis.

  1. My Statement of Faith(PDF)
  2. Amazing Biblical Facts(PDF)
  3. Ancient China—Where Does It Fit?(PDF)
  4. Armageddon - Where is it?(PDF)
  5. Ancient Technology(PDF)
  6. Are Christians supposed to keep the Sabbath?(PDF)
  7. Are Christians supposed to keep the Ten Commandments?(PDF)
  8. Baptism—Is It Necessary?(PDF)(Printable Tract)
  9. Bible Quiz(Web Page)
  10. The Big Picture(PDF)
  11. Calvinism—Addressed Item by Item(PDF)
  12. “Christianese” and Eternal Security(PDF)
  13. The Circle of the Earth(PDF)
  14. Common Salvation Fallacies(PDF)
  15. Communion(PDF)
  16. Creation(PDF)
  17. Degrees of Punishment(PDF)
  18. Do You Know Jesus?(PDF)(Printable Tract)
  19. Eees-lahm Overview(PDF)
  20. Falling Away(PDF)
  21. Elder? Pastor?—Positions in the Church(PDF)
  22. God Worked Directly With People in the Past(PDF)
  23. Holy -What does Holy Mean?(PDF)
  24. How Can I Make Sense of It All?(PDF)
  25. How Many Will God Win?(PDF)
  26. Immigration vs. Illegal Immigration(PDF)
  27. Judging—Can Christians Judge?(PDF)
  28. KJV or not to KJV(PDF)
  29. The Knowledge of God(PDF)
  30. Lessons from the movie “Evan Almighty”(PDF)
  31. Nephilim(Web Page)
  32. The Parable of the Candle(PDF)
  33. The Prayer Product(PDF)
  34. Predestination(PDF)
  35. The Red Sea Crossing(PDF)
  36. Resurrection, Rapture, Millennium, and Tribulation(PDF)
  37. “Same-Sex” Marriage(PDF)
  38. Science is a Game(PDF)
  39. Searching for Moses(PDF)
  40. Should Christians be Involved in Politics?(PDF)
  41. So What? ...Has God got to to with Me?(PDF)(Printable Tract)
  42. Three Days and Three Nights(PDF)
  43. The Tithe(PDF)
  44. To Whom Do We Owe the Truth?(PDF)
  45. What is the Trinity?(PDF)
  46. Where is Mt. Sinai?(Web Page)
  47. Why Should I Go to Church?(PDF)(Printable Tract)

Some of the information on the site is in PDF format. Below are links to get free PDF readers if you don’t already have one.